The method

We use hardwoods – oak, birch, mulberry wood and softwoods – pine and fir. We create furniture form wood worked with care, protected and cut with respect. We use traditional joints and high-end, modern finishings. Each wood piece has purpose and character which we like to model with scultpor’s eye. We strive to balance force and fineness, feminine and masculine, natural and man made.

Results of our methods are long life, beauty and uniqueness of every furniture piece.

The concept

To achieve craftsmanship in design one has to understand the materials he’s using. How to saw, bend, make joints, cut or clean edges. How much to preserve from wood color and grain. How fine, how matte or glossy is the finished surface. What appearance and character is the designed object to have at the end of hard work.

To treat wood with care and respect is our first ground-rule.

Our new, fresh vision towards furniture design is essential to what we create. Nature inspires us, by its asymmetry, originality and uniqueness. Man inspires us, he needs objects that define him. That is why we explore human sensations: visual, tactile and even smell. We bring warmth, elegance and comfort to interiors.

To create intelligent and bold design objects is our second ground-rule.

Our furniture is about nature and beauty

The world of repetition and kitsch levels and trivializes people. We fade in it. It makes us sad.
We want a world where the natural is beautiful and beauty is natural. Because natural means unique. Because natural, as we all are, is always irrepetable.

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